Thursday, March 06, 2008

Daiwa Luvias 2500R

I got myself a brand new toy recently. I wanted to use it in Pekan, but due to the weather, the reel never really touched water. Anyway, below are some of the specs that I managed to get from Daiwa Australia Website.

Daiwa Luvias
Lightness beyond your imagination, strength beyond comprehension, completely corrosion resistant, for the first time in the world in the sports and fishing industry, Daiwa introduce ground breaking technology that will change the future of the modern fishing reel – Zaion.

Zaion technology opens up a completely new world of the development for the modern spinning reel, a reel that is hyper light, strong and corrosion free, in 2007 a new reel is born that will set the standard for all to follow, the new all-rounder reel – Luvias.

“Zaion” is a brand new type of material, simply explained it is a high density carbon resin. To understand “Zaion” first we need to understand the other materials that are used in the production of the modern spinning reel. First, Aluminium, this is one of the most commonly used materials. It is easily machined, relatively corrosion resistant, extremely rigid and very light. But in recent times has become expensive. Magnesium, often used in the development of high end reels, it is incredibly light and strong. But it has low corrosion resistance, very expensive, requires extremely high technology to achieve corrosion resistance and precision at the same time. And last universal plastic or FRP (fibre resin plastic) – resin reinforced with fibre glass – this can never compare to other materials for lightness and strength but it is fully corrosion resistant and economical.

This is where “Zaion” steps in; many manufacturers creatively use each different material depending on the characteristics that are required to produce reel bodies. The new “Zaion” material replaces glass fibres with carbon fibres to create an extremely rigid, strong material. The material is first “cast” then machined to create a body that exhibits the same precision and strength compared to that of magnesium or an aluminium body. Yet it is the same weight as magnesium but fully corrosion resistant.

The new Luvias spinning reels using “Zaion and Real Four” technology delivers enhanced performance almost equal to Daiwa’s flag ship models. This highly precision machined body, is equivalent to Daiwa’s famous “Air Metal” technology, it is not only light and tough but shows superior performance far beyond any other reel material available today.

Daiwa’s Real Four design reels set the standard for the future of spinning reels. The engineering precision is flawless. Just one turn of the handle reveals the effortless, fluid motion of 7 bearings working together with Digigear II for optimum meshing of speed, power and durability. The sound of the oscillation is not just quiet its non-existent, with a fully dampened gear and drive to eliminate unnecessary noise and vibration. Daiwa’s levelwind system lays line evenly in a cross wrapped pattern to prevent dig-in under pressure and eliminates casting loops, while the sealed drag stays dry as water and drains quickly and easily from other parts of the reel. A true legend, with its computer designed “Zaion” body, body cover and rotor, super strong, yet ultra-lightweight Air Bail, ABS Air Spool with cut-proof, titanium nitride lip and lifetime bail spring, its no wonder that Luvias is the future of the modern spinning reel.
  • Digitally designed Digigear II
  • Silent oscillation II
  • Twistbuster II
  • Cross wrap
  • Machine-cut high accuracy “Zaion” body and rotor
  • 7 stainless steel ball bearings inc. 4 Corrosion resistant CRBB ball bearings
  • Superfine Dura-aluminium machined main shaft
  • Machine cut engine plate
  • Rotor brake
  • Hyper Tournament Drag
  • Air Spool – an engineered resin, metal plated hybrid spool with titanium coated lip
  • Washable design
  • Ultra light rubber coated cork handles inc 2 ball bearings
  • Machined aluminium handle
  • All saltwater friendly
Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Weight (g) Spool Capacity (m/lbs)
LUVIAS 2500R 4.8 7+1 245 12lb/150m, 16lb/100m, PE 1.5/200m

From the website, there are five different sizes of the Daiwa Luvias reel. The difference between the Luvias 2500 and 2500R is the handle. Daiwa Luvias 2500R comes with a power handle and the Luvias 2500 come s with a normal handle.

This reel is loaded with 20lb Tuf Line XP Braids. It could load about 150m of the 20lb braided line. Below are some pictures of the reel.

:::... The Box ...:::

:::... Daiwa Luvias 2500R ...:::

:::... What a beauty. Daiwa Luvias 2500R ...:::

:::... Real Four. Real Engine ...:::

:::... Daiwa Luvias. Made in Thailand ...:::

:::... Luvias 2500R comes with power handle ...:::

:::... Drag Knob ...:::

:::... Drag knob ...:::

:::... Reel shaft ...:::

:::... Spool ...:::

:::... Bottom portion of the reel ...:::

:::... Bail arm ...:::

:::... Real Four Design ...:::

:::... Power handle ...:::

:::... Spare washers ...:::

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ITO_MAN said...

you can upgrade your luvias by replacing the brass spacer with a bearing under the spool, and for the 1003 sizes u can machine away the bit of metal on the end of the handle so it suports 2 handle bearings instead of one...